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WOW your customers with awesome
and eye-catching email templates.

Why not send a regular run-of-the-mill text email? Because visually-stunning templates grab the attention of your customers, reinforce your company brand and achieve a much higher click-through rate. It’s been proven time and time again.

And thanks to the creative efforts of 'Doodles' (Yup, that's him over there on the right waving his magic paintbrush!) and the WizEmail design team, knocking up a gorgeous yet powerful template will be a piece of cake.

PS – Our personalisation, dynamic content and micro-site features are going to blow you away! Check them out right now:

Testing & automation is a recipe for
sky-high conversion rates…

…which is why our brilliant little WizBot, Flash (that's him with his trusted mailbag), has focused his efforts so much on letting you test and automate all your email campaigns as thoroughly as possible. Because the more you do, the more targeted and profitable your marketing strategy will become.

So how exactly does our platform make this happen? You’ll understand fully in just a few moments.

Click the links below to find out:

Know your customers and hit them
with super targeted content.

Our little genius, Einstein (Look at him. Isn't he sweet with his glasses?), has done quite a job when it comes to tracking and analysing your customers' behaviour. So much so, that we can safely say – we have the most advanced and detailed tracking system of any platform in the email marketing game. And this will give you a massive competitive advantage….and a shed-load more customers than you had before to boot!

You’ll discover how by clicking these links:

Oodles of contacts?
Upload & segment as many of them as you like…

because we’re going to give you infinite storage space within our system and let you split your contacts into an infinite amount of segmented groups. Then send out an infinite amount of emails with ultra-targeted super-campaigns. That’s right, we’re feeling generous here at WizEmail.

And how’s this going to help you maximize your conversions and boost your ROI? Well, that’s the easy part…click these links and you’ll soon understand:

The Sheriff

Rest assured – 
We’re reliable, secure and we’ve got your back.

That’s right. On top of our innovative, user-friendly software and our famously caring support team, we also go the extra mile when it comes to security. Which is why our tough, no-nonsense SecurityBot, aka The Sheriff, makes absolutely sure that you and your clients are fully protected and that everything’s done according to the rules and by the book.

To discover exactly how you’ll be protected, click the links below. The more you read, the safer you’ll feel…

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