Dynamic Content

Save more cash with variations of targeted content in one email


Imagine this…

You send out an email to promote your new fashion line. Somehow all your female customers get a special offer on high-heels, while the males see a discount on flat caps – in the very same place on the same email. Sound pretty incredible? Well that’s exactly what you can do with our dynamic content builder. 

And it's not just for for separating the boys from the girls. It's for any group of customers you define. These could include:

  • Specific promotions for everyone living in London, or any other specific location.
  • A special offer for recent iPhone buyers (and a different one for the Samsung lovers).
  • A special thank you to everyone who came to your last event.
  • Different landing pages on your microsite for customers whose survey answers varied.
  • A prize for everyone on your list named ‘John’!

And as you've probably guessed, adding the dynamic content to your email template is easy as pie. It’s just the simple drag and drop method we love so much here at WizEmail (but with a little pushing and shoving from 'Doodles' of course).

So what’s the benefit of the dynamic content builder? 
Simple – Multiple variations of content means that you can cut down on the amount of campaigns you run and make each one much, much more targeted and effective. 
Which means? Yep. More conversions and a higher ROI.


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