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No queues. No waiting 24 hours (or more) for a bland email with a link pointing to some random and completely unhelpful FAQ page. None of that nonsense that you usually get from all the other big email marketing companies. Nope, we do things differently here at WizTowers… 

When you give us a call, you WON’T get a random, clueless telesales person because that's the last thing you want when you’re in need of some support. Instead, you’ll get your very own friendly, personal account manager – who will always be fully clued in about your account, your campaign history and the way YOU like to do things, which helps us answer your queries super-quickly and super-efficiently.

And like most of our clients, you’ll probably end up becoming good pals! For an email marketing service operated by tiny WizBots, we certainly have a caring human side.

Give us a call today to find out more and a friendly chat and while we're at it, we’ll also set you up with a FREE 30 day trial right away.

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