Sign-Up Form Wizard

Get even more contacts, customers, conversions & sales!


If you're not looking to expand your business, you're probably crazy or perhaps a multi-billionaire who's decided to take it easy for a while. For the rest of us – getting more leads is always on the agenda. Which is why WizEmail has made it incredibly easy for you to grab new contacts and funnel them automatically into your segmented email list, with a simple website sign-up form.

In just 6 quick steps you can tell WizEmail what information you want the web form to grab and which address book to keep it in. Your website designer can then whack it on your site, on as many pages as you like, and you can even sport one on your Facebook page.

And a quick message from our WizBots: "Don’t forget to keep your sign-up button above the fold on your homepage as this will maximise your conversion rate!"


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