About Us


Why are we oozing with confidence? Well it’s simple really. We’re offering you the MOST advanced and effective email marketing software on the market today. Hands down.

WizEmail lets you create and send trackable, targeted, branded emails to all of your contacts in literally 3 minutes. And it’s so darn user-friendly that that little kid down the road could run a successful campaign!

So what are you going to get out of our amazingly well-priced email marketing system?

  • Reach thousands of customers with the click of a finger.
  • Maintain their loyalty, with visually enticing, branded email templates.
  • Massively increase your conversions and ROI, while reducing marketing costs.
  • Free up time to focus on all those other super-important tasks.
  • Collect detailed, valuable information about every single customer.
  • Get constant support, care and training from our team.
  • Become rich and successful, buy a new car and fly to the Caribbean!

And as you soak up all these amazing features on our site, you’ll understand more and more, just how powerful and efficient WizEmail could make you and your marketing team. Just like it has all our other soaring clients.

So go ahead. Get all these benefits AND a bunch of tiny awesome WizBots for FREE, with our 30-day free trial. Starting from right now.

Meet the team



Hey there, I’m Doodles!

I’m the artsy-craftsy bot of the group. There’s only one thing I like more than slapping some paint on a big old canvas – and that’s creating stunning email templates for you to pick from.

I just love to see those big fat grins on your clients’ faces as they open your beautifully designed, visually-enticing emails. Created by yours truly ? smiley



Hiya! My name’s Flash.

Why? Because I’m sharp as a razor and quick on my feet.

I’m the bot in charge of delivering your mail, super quickly, to all those lovely clients of yours. And I’ll also give you a bunch of conversion-maximizing options before you click send. Like split-testing, automation, triggered messaging and heaps more.

So that your email campaigns can be as quick-witted as I am!



Well hello there chaps, I’m Einstein.

Not the real Einstein, obviously. But like him, my intellect is far superior to the average bot (or human). And that’s why I’ll be the one to help you thoroughly analyze the results of your email campaigns.

We’ll sit down together and reveal which of your clients opened your email, which clicked the links, where they’re based, who the hot prospects are and so on. Then we can tailor-make higher-converting, profit-boosting campaigns the next time round.



Hello friend, I’m Split.

The rest of the bots call me a nerd, because I’m a tad obsessive about numbers, graphs and tables etc.

But if I wasn’t, then I wouldn’t be able to help businesses like yours make the most of your campaign data by segmenting your customers into super-targeted, responsive groups. And you wouldn’t be able to make nearly as many sales!

I think they’re just jealous.



Howdy Partner! I’m The Sheriff.

I like to keep watch over the other bots here and keep ‘em all in line.

I’m also the one who makes sure you abide by all the emailing laws of this here land, so that you don’t fill your clients’ inboxes up with spam. And trust me, they’ll thank you kindly for it.

Oh – and I can get pretty fierce if y’all break the rules. You hear me?


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