Sophisticated Segmentation

No better way to increase your conversion rate than this


Those of you dedicated to maximising your ROI will likely be enchanted by this unbelievable feature. It's a winner!

With WizEmail, you can segment your data into super-targeted, responsive groups using our simple drag and drop method. Which means you can hit the recipients in each segment with highly personalised, conversion-boosting messages.

You'll be able to split your contacts into groups based on:

  • Who bought from you, what they bought, when and how much etc.
  • Their name, gender, location, industry, nationality and so on.
  • How they interacted with one, any or all of your email campaigns (eg. Create a group for everyone who has opened more than half your newsletters)
  • All of the above.
  • And so much more!

We'll even give you the added option of advanced segmentation, using our unrivalled customer insight module. As if it wasn't advanced enough already!

And how will behavioural profiling and segmentation help you? Well, with this kind of cutting edge email marketing technology, your opportunities are endless.

Here’s just a smidgen of what else you’ll be able to do:

  • Find and up-sell your most responsive recipients.
  • Re-engage the ones that have been less involved.
  • Lead-score and lead-nurture.
  • Sharpen and focus your messages for specific targeted groups.
  • Massively boost your response rate – and make a hell of a lot more sales than you’re doing now!

Need any more convincing? Then sign up for a 30 day FREE trial and test it out for yourself. You'll be amazed!


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