Wizemail Anti-spam Policy

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Last updated May 25, 2018

This Anti-Spam Policy must be read and agreed to in conjunction with our Terms & ConditionsPrivacy Policy, GDPR Notice and Cookie Policy.

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Wizemail Anti-spam Policy On Bulk Email, Email Marketing Software and Email Advertising

Wizemail is a professional product, and we have two firm beliefs where it comes to spam.

1. Our customers don’t want to be associated with it.
2. Neither do we.

You are permitted to use WizEmail for opt-in marketing only, and we ask you to follow not just the letter of the various applicable laws and guidelines, but the spirit of them as well. Initiatives to combat spam industry-wide have our full support, and we will share information about spammers with industry partners to help address the problem.

Your understanding and acceptance of our anti-spam policy forms part of the terms and conditions of service.

Back-end software flags up to us mailings that may be potential spam, based on a number of criteria (both content and delivery addresses), and we investigate these manually. We also log the origin of each email address held, date and time of upload, etc. Recipient complaints WILL be followed up to preserve the integrity of our product and our customers. Your account will be terminated if we find that you are abusing WizEmail.

WizEmail includes several features to allow you to build your own legitimate email lists (including code to allow you to set up an email sign-up form), to get your emails forwarded by recipients or virally, or to import address books from legitimate ’opt-in’ sources. If you need any help on these, we’d be pleased to supply it.

We define ’spam’ as any commercial email that has not been requested by the recipient – i.e. they have not specifically asked to join the relevant mailing list, or the information sent out from that list does not match what they think they signed up for. Typically, it also does not include a valid ’unsubscribe’ option.

It’s annoying and intrusive. Don’t do it.

If you think you’ve been spammed via WizEmail

Take it up with the sender first – honest mistakes can occur (people sometimes forget that they have subscribed to a service, for example). If their response is unsatisfactory, or you are certain that your details have been obtained illegitimately, send full details to abuse@wizemail.co.uk  and we will remove you from the email lists immediately, then investigate the company concerned.


We reserve the right to withdraw the service if we find that emails are misleading or contain illegal or overly offensive content. Contact us first if you need guidance on a specific campaign.

Note that we do not see campaign content in normal circumstances, and therefore legal responsibility for the content of any bulk email sent out using the WizEmail system lies entirely with the originating client.

If you think you’ve been sent an offensive or misleading email via WizEmail

Take it up with the sender first. If the complaint isn’t resolved to your satisfaction, send full details to abuse@wizemail.co.uk. Note that WizEmail has provided a technology platform only, and has not viewed the email prior to its delivery – responsibility with the content lies with the sender. We will not adjudicate on individual disputes but we will view complaints in the light of whether the sender should be allowed to continue their association with WizEmail. If you’re unable to agree with the sender as to whether their email was offensive or misleading, then chances are that you’ll want to unsubscribe from their list, and we will arrange this for you.


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