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Setup and Administration

What do I need to run WizEmail?

Nothing special. A PC, any Browser (Internet Explorer will do) and an Internet connection. As with everything, the faster connection the better. The first time you use WizEmail you’ll be prompted to download a small software plugin. That’s all. PS. WizEmail works in Firefox on both MAC and PC.

How limited is the trial version?

Exactly the same as the full version – although it doesn’t let you send more than 20 emails a go. Once you’ve had a taster of the amazing benefits and want to go for whole shebang, we can set you up with a full account in no time. We’ll just add your details to our … READ MORE »

How long can I use the trial version?

As long as you need. But most of our clients realize just how user-friendly and effective our system is in the first few days of their trial – and sign up for the full works immediately!

What sort of businesses use WizEmail?

All kinds. We have clients in pretty much every sphere of the commercial world, as well as many charities and public sector institutions. A lot of them are large household names, but we also have many SME’s, specialist internet traders and web start-ups benefiting from our software. One thing they all have in common is … READ MORE »

How do I sign up and is there a minimum amount of time I need to commit to?

Sign up for as long or little as you like. ‘Pay As You Go’ accounts have no minimum period. If you want a contract account (fixed monthly fee) then the minimum period is 12 months. And most likely, you’ll want to keep going long after that. Signing up is a piece of cake. We’ll just … READ MORE »

How do I pay? How frequent is the billing?

Invoices come on the first of each month and refer to the previous calendar month’s activity. You can pay by cheque or by BACS. Whatever suits you best.

What online or telephone support is there to help with problems?

Plenty. We’re always ready for your call or email during UK office hours. You’ll get your own personal, support member who you’ll know by name. So your calls will go straight through to them. And you’ll be pleased to know that we don’t use any automatic switchboards or queuing systems, unlike a lot of our … READ MORE »

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Managing Addresses and Lists

Do you sell mailing lists?

You’re in luck. We have access to numerous industry specific lists. Give us a call now for more details. And if you’re thinking about buying lists from somewhere else, make sure you check the source properly. We can recommend a really reputable and reliable source of top quality email marketing lists, who are leading members … READ MORE »

How large can my address books be and how many campaigns can I create?

We like it when clients ask us this. Because the answer is: as large as you like and as many as you like! Some of our users have over a million addresses and have sent thousands of email campaigns, while others have under a hundred. It’s completely up to you. And we won’t charge you … READ MORE »

Can I send from my own email address?

Of course you can. WizEmail can be set up to send from any address at yourdomain.co.uk. Because personalization massively increases your conversion rates. And that’s what we all want to happen.

How do people unsubscribe?

Good question. This happens easily and automatically. Just use a drop-down menu in our HTML email creator/editor to insert an ‘unsubscribe’ link in your email. Users who click the link will get taken to a web page that confirms their wish to opt-out. If they go ahead with it, they’ll be auto-removed from the list … READ MORE »

Can I use email lists provided by any company and export them from any software?

Most of them, yes. We support CSV files, so almost all companies and software can integrate with it. If you’re not sure what that means exactly and want to know if your specific email list will work, then give us call now and we’ll gladly guide you through it.

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Creating Emails

I’d like to get a branded template professionally designed

No problem. You’ve come to the right guys. Our in-house design team can offer you a full HTML professional design service – from a single template to a full suite. And we’re darn good at it. In fact, we’ve done it for some very well-known companies. Once we’ve designed your template, you can easily edit … READ MORE »

Can I use an email template created by my own web designers, or via Frontpage, Dreamweaver etc?

Sure you can. WizEmail can upload any HTML page at all. So if you have an eye for design and want to upload your own, then go ahead. Paintbot won’t be offended! And don’t forget that after uploading, it will still be amazingly easy for you to edit your email marketing template within our user-friendly … READ MORE »

Can I add attachments and embed scripting, etc?

Nope, sorry. This would get a whole bunch of your bulk emails blocked by spam filters and anti-virus software. Which is the last thing you want to do. Instead of an attachment, why not upload a doc to a page on your site and link to it from your email? That way your customers can … READ MORE »

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Security and Delivery

How does WizEmail stop my emails being blocked as spam?

Spam filters generally work on a ’points’ system – there isn’t one factor that’ll get your email blocked. A lot of it depends on the content. And we know all about it. So give our quick guide a read or have a chat with us if you have any questions about the do’s and don’ts. … READ MORE »

Is WizEmail on any ’whitelist’ of legitimate mass email providers?

Relax. WizEmail is 100% legitimate, professional, secure, reliable and proud of it. Everything within our system is password-protected and unique to you. Our clients include huge public bodies and financial institutions – who, as you can imagine, are pretty darn sensitive about data security. But with WizEmail they tend to loosen up, because they know … READ MORE »

I have been offered an overseas service. So why should I choose a UK-based provider?

We offer really personal and caring customer service during UK office hours, and are very, very easy to get hold of should you need any help. But overseas providers aren’t. It’s a fact. In the UK we care more about protecting people’s rights and keeping everything legit. So our email marketing culture is tighter, more … READ MORE »

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