I have been offered an overseas service. So why should I choose a UK-based provider?

We offer really personal and caring customer service during UK office hours, and are very, very easy to get hold of should you need any help. But overseas providers aren’t. It’s a fact.

In the UK we care more about protecting people’s rights and keeping everything legit. So our email marketing culture is tighter, more professional, and focuses on targeting recipients who have opted-in to receive them. In other words, we’re an anti-spamming nation (most spam emails come from the USA or elsewhere).
Our servers rarely get blacklisted by ISPs. So we’re geared up to provide 100% delivery, rather than expecting a load of email rejections.
As a UK company, we have to abide by the Data Protection Act. So your data is safe with us – by law!

Oh – and while you’re considering which provider to jump on board with, make sure you carefully compare all the tracking and analysis features. Because you’ll soon discover that WizEmail is much more detailed and powerful than any other system. We guarantee it.

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