Get more out of WizEmail by automating other tasks Too.


Want to save yourself even more time and take your productivity to a whole new level? With a trusty developer on your team, you can – by using our SOAP-based API to interact with the WizEmail system programmatically.

How can our API make your life easier?

  • Connect your website, CRM or any back office system to WizEmail. Quickly, easily and securely.
  • This will let you share your data between the two systems, seamlessly. So that everything's kept nicely in sync.
  • Import and export your data on an automated schedule, so you don't have to lift a finger. Or raise an eyebrow.

It's simple really. But you will need a developer to help you out with this one. You can just point them to this link – http://apiconnector.com/And if you need any extra assistance, just give us a call and we'll happily run you through the process.

Either that, or we'll get Einstein on the case. He's a genius at these things – hence the nickname.



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