Technical Backbone

No short-cuts. Everything we do, we do it properly.


At WizEmail we don’t do things by halves. E-marketing plays an essential role for many of our clients’ businesses, and we take that dead seriously. Which is why we’re 100% professional, reliable and secure at all times – with a technical backbone to reflect that.

Lap up these nitty gritty details and you’ll see exactly what we’re on about:

  • We work with numerous clients in the banking sector, where data protection and security is a must. And some of our staff members have even been key players in setting up secure server facilities within the Bank of England itself. Beat that.
  • Network infrastructure is split between three separate geographical locations, just to be extra safe. The main privately-owned data centre is backed up by carrier-neutral facilities provided by Telecity Redbus (Docklands) and IXEurope (City of London). Which gives us direct access to the backbone of the internet, with the added bonus of redundancy between sites…Nice.
  • The transit connections are provided by AboveNet and Level 3, at speeds of up to 1Gbps. Which is fast. Really fast.
  • What happens if there’s a power cut? Business as usual. Because each data centre is backed up by dedicated generators, which switch on automatically in the worst-case scenario…Yep, we've thought of everything.
  • The temperature in our centres is monitored like clockwork and kept at a steady 23 degrees Celsius, give or take 2 degrees. While air humidity is kept at 45%, give or take ten percent. Which means? Everything is guaranteed to run smoothly and your data will always be kept safe.
  • And when it comes to hardware, we go for the industry-leading big dogs like Cisco and HP hardware. Not their generic equivalents. We also have a system of constant capacity-planning to make sure our server network is more than equal to our projected requirements. So we’re always one step ahead of the game.
  • What about trespassers? They've got no chance. All our data centres are kitted out with security systems that run 24/7. Anyone wanting to enter will need a pass – and any visitors will be escorted by security at all times.

Little bit dazed by all these facts and figures? Don’t worry. We’d be more than happy to run through any of this stuff with you over the phone. And to put it in simpler terms.

If you sign up for your FREE 30-day trial today, your business and all of your company data will be in very, very safe hands. Right from the get-go.


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