Is WizEmail on any ’whitelist’ of legitimate mass email providers?

Relax. WizEmail is 100% legitimate, professional, secure, reliable and proud of it. Everything within our system is password-protected and unique to you. Our clients include huge public bodies and financial institutions – who, as you can imagine, are pretty darn sensitive about data security. But with WizEmail they tend to loosen up, because they know we’ve got their back.

Our servers are located in two secure sites in South East England and we manage them according to strict and professional procedures. We don’t accept ‘blind’ web sign-ups (via credit card, PayPal etc) and our strict anti-spam policy will protect you from association with spammers. And let’s not forget – we’re obligated by law to keep all your data private and secure, thanks to the UK Data Protection Act.
Still have a couple of concerns? Give us a call and we’ll ease your fears.

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