How do people unsubscribe?

Good question. This happens easily and automatically. Just use a drop-down menu in our HTML email creator/editor to insert an ‘unsubscribe’ link in your email. Users who click the link will get taken to a web page that confirms their wish to opt-out. If they go ahead with it, they’ll be auto-removed from the list – so you won’t need to worry about bothering them again. And all our ready-made templates have the unsubscribe link in there already.Want to know who’s unsubscribed for your own records? Don’t worry. You can easily export a list of unsubscribers from WizEmail in whatever format you choose. And as a failsafe, we won’t let you re-upload any names that have previously unsubscribed from a list. Because we don’t want you to get into any trouble. (You’d better also delete them from your own records – just to be safe).Got some web programming skills? You can also use our API to unsubscribe users.

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