How does WizEmail stop my emails being blocked as spam?

Spam filters generally work on a ’points’ system – there isn’t one factor that’ll get your email blocked.
A lot of it depends on the content. And we know all about it. So give our quick guide a read or have a chat with us if you have any questions about the do’s and don’ts. We’ll do our absolute best to make sure all of your emails get into your customers’ inboxes.

We know all the big email providers (AOL, Hotmail, Gmail etc) and they know us. We always obey their rules and conform to their best practice guidelines and technical specifications. And we don’t disguise ourselves – like some other (less reputable) email marketing software providers. If you get an email via our system, it can be easily traced back to our servers. Nothing to hide here.
On top of all this, we take great care to ’vet’ our clients in order to weed out any spammers. Because we don’t want either you or us to be tarred by association. We’re professional, transparent, efficient and known for it. You too? Then jump on board today.

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