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Email Marketing Budgets

Despite its inherent cost effectiveness, email marketing success requires careful attention to budgeting. Whilst the only real expense is the creation of an email list, it should be remembered that your competitors are also enjoying the reduced costs. Fail to compete and you will fail. What to include when trying to work out how much … READ MORE »

Coping with conflicting demands for email

Email marketing works. The facts are unarguable so most departments will want to use it in their campaigns. There’s little cost and their budget will be able to cope. One problem is that there are constraints not fully understood by those who are not specialists.  As companies become larger, various specialities tend to separate and … READ MORE »

When will the GDPR affect email marketing?

I’ve received 17 emails and one letter regarding the GDPR. They have all asked me to confirm my details and permissions. One apologised, rather oddly, for contacting me outside of the ‘normal’ contact methods. Normal here, I think, implies in conformity with the current regulations.  It shows that many companies are treating the GDPR as … READ MORE »

SEO – Google and email marketing

How did you first find this site? Perhaps you entered something like ‘free email marketing templates’ into a Google search and then, going by the meta description, thought you’d give us a try. It’s the way of the internet world.  You will be wondering how you can work your way up the rankings to get … READ MORE »

Email marketing or social media?

Neither is mutually exclusive of course. You can do both. It is better to ask whether you should or not. If things in the email marketing world are going well for you, expansion might be something you are considering. If so, then branching out into social media will be an option. The rewards can be … READ MORE »

Counter intuitive A/B testing

Not so long ago my job was to interview potential recruits and to help me I was put on a short course. I was told to only ask questions that I already knew the answer to. Patently idiotic. Also, I have a hearing problem and was told that if I used the memory foam type … READ MORE »

How to reduce unsubscribes

Now is an opportune moment to look at those who unsubscribe from your lists. After all, I believe the EU might well have known of the risk of Brexit but seemed to do little about it. You should not make the same mistake.  There are two specific times to try and reduce your unsubscribe rate:  … READ MORE »

10 aspects of the perfect email marketer

There will never be the perfect email, one suitable for everyone on your email marketing list, the reason being it is impossible to define. Your job is to get as near to it as possible, within budget. Can we define the perfect person to run an email marketing campaign? Now there’s a thought. Imagine you … READ MORE »

Honesty in email marketing

A recent advertising blog reminded me of a game some friends and I once played. We had to come up with an honest strap line for the third or subsequent entries in a film franchise. The favourite was for Alien³: ’Just like Aliens but cheaper and with fewer monsters’. It is unlikely that the production … READ MORE »

Segregation of email marketing lists and beyond

We have mentioned before that segregating email marking lists is the quickest route to better returns. Research shows it will improve, amongst other returns, open rates, completion rates and unsubscribes. It also ensures that you don’t waste a window by sending a general, untargeted offer. There are a number of straightforward ways you can split … READ MORE »


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