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Making friends with your email marketing list

Building positive relationships with your customers is as important as making friends socially, and the skills are more or less the same go to this site. In the same way that friends will look forward to your correspondence, your customers will readily open your marketing emails. Here are some pointers:

1/ Smile

My gran was not into email marketing in a big way when, forty years ago, she gave me excellent advice on how to form relationships on a personal level. I’d complained that I didn’t know what to say, and she told me to smile and look happy. All of a sudden I appeared confident. So make sure your emails are positive, bright and you give the impression that you know what you are about.

2/ Remember their name

Who isn’t irritated when someone says, “I’m terrible with names and I’ve forgotten yours.” They are showing that they can’t be bothered. How much better if they came with their hand out and said, “Hello, John. Nice to see you again.” Put their name at the top of the marketing email.

WizEmail's Analysis Bot is your light in the dark when it comes to your subscribers behaviour in email marketing3/ Remember who they are

This is different to 2/ above. Ensure you know their preferences, what they have bought from you and when they like their emails delivered. The email marketing software will tell you but only if your refer to it. 

4/ Have a dog

My personal life took a turn upwards when my family got a dog. It can be useful if you have something which people will look forward to. It doesn’t have to be an animal, especially as meerkats are taken.

5/ Don’t splash on the aftershave

In other words, don’t overwhelm. Gushing is great for waterfalls and fountains; you want to be subtle. Keep the text restrained. 

6/ Show them they are important

If there is anything more irritating than someone reading their texts, or worse still relying to them, in the middle of a conversation, then I don’t want it done to me. Show each individual on your email marketing list that they are important to you. Show them you understand their problems by offering a way forward. Pick the right product for them.




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