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Spin in email marketing

There’s a TV advert for an insurance company where clever use of the language doesn’t so much cover a negative as turn it into a positive. It would appear that the company refuses to pay out on 3% of claims. To someone wanting to insure their property, this might be worrying. On the other hand the company tells us that due to its clever organisation it is allowed to pay out on 97% of claims.

Wizemail's Bot guide you through the email marketing worldAllowed; now there’s a word that’s intended to describe the battles the company endures on behalf of its customers. Who could fail to be impressed by 97%.

It is spin of course and as such it carries a risk but if it wasn’t productive, the company would have pulled the ad by now. Changing emphasis has got to be good, hasn’t it? The question is whether it is an option for email marketing.

I took a holiday in Italy at a time of year where the odds for sunny weather were very high. After three days of rain I began to be irritated when told that this was unusual. “For the last three weeks we’ve had nothing but sunshine,” just about every one of the hotel staff told me. 

That didn’t make me feel better. However, all was not lost. Within a few miles of the hotel there were any number of attractions that were covered, many with wine as an added attraction. I was told of a state-owned Roman ruin within walking distance of the hotel that was not advertised. It was a delight.

The marketing emails for the holiday emphasised the weather of the region. All the pictures were of brilliantly lit landscapes, with beautiful sunsets over the lake. I was obviously in the segmented email marketing list of those who loved the sun. But nowhere could I find mention of the attractions of the area that were protected from the weather. 

Don’t just concentrate on the positives. Put a graph on the marketing email showing the likelihood of a dry holiday. If it is not 100% then mention the fact that even if the 3% chance of rain comes there are alternatives to the beach.




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