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The more Penguin changes . . .

The internet has been a bit lukewarm on the recent update to Google’s Penguin algorithm, some suggesting it is more of the same but quicker, while others are of the opinion that it is the best thing to happen for those sites that follow ‘white hat’ SEO. In this context white hat means complying with Google advice rather than trying to beat it. Black hat has the opposite meaning.

I’m with those who believe that Google only tell you those details that help their system of rating websites. Why would they do anything else? This Penguin update, now edition 4.0, is reported as its last.

WizEmail's Bots know what's best for your email marketing campaign and SEOWhether it concentrates on links, which is the favoured interpretation, is not really the issue. It is clear that Google is, as ever, in a battle with those whose content management wanders too near trickery. We have to hope that it is effective.

There are lessons to take away from the press release, link below, as well as comments from those who suggest they are in the know, the first being that websites which follow the guidelines will have nothing to fear from the new update, and will probably gain in ranking.  

The speed comment is interesting. The algorithm will now run in what is called ‘real time’. That doesn’t mean all the time, but if you have, for whatever reason, a page which is penalised, rapid correction of the fault will mean that the next time your site is checked, be it within the week or perhaps the month, your site will then start to climb. 

It would appear likely that starting a website with a new URL will not be quite the long drudge of content management that it was before the release. The real time facet of the new Penguin should ensure that it will be assessed quite quickly. 

Overall, it is much as it always was, perhaps more sophisticated and, no doubt, holes in the previous incarnation will have been patched. Quality will out it seems, if the promises are fulfilled. You need good content regularly updated. If what Google says is correct then you, or your content manager, will need to check your links to ensure they don’t upset Penguin 4.0.

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