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Easy Ways To Save Money In Email Marketing

We have all been used to negative forecasts for SMEs but they haven’t been as dire for some time. Every economist, political reporter, marketing researcher and their dogs are suggesting that whatever business we are in, we are going to struggle over the coming months, email marketing included. History, though, tells us otherwise. In any, … READ MORE »

How To Cheaply Change Email Design

It is a truism that most people do not like change. But don’t let that fool you: it is true. Yet customers expect change. If you stick with the same old, you will appear to these change-haters as someone who doesn’t care. You need to ensure you do not upset the subscribers to email marketing … READ MORE »

Mobile Images; The Great Untapped Resource

Whether or not the near future will be one of watching where every penny, let alone pound, is spent on email marketing, the one thing we should be searching for is a cheaper source of images. Stock images are generally of a high quality. If you’ve been searching for a specific kind of picture for … READ MORE »

Restrictions On Use Of Data On Subscribers

It is all too easy to assume that the big firms in email marketing and data collecting would have, if not legions, then at least sufficient sources of legal advice. You might think it would be perfectly fine to copy their methods without going to the bother of checking the law yourself. I am reliably … READ MORE »

What Use Are KPIs In Email Marketing?

When KPIs were introduced to a company I worked for, it was a requirement to support them enthusiastically and, having a certain ambition to go further at that time, I supported them enthusiastically. I’ve seen the flip charts. I’ve seen the PowerPoint presentations. I’ve seen successes. I’ve seen failures. One thing that I have seen … READ MORE »

Direct Subscribers To Your CTA

Let’s make one thing clear: nothing in email marketing is definitive and the best you can hope for in the way of guidance are ideas to test. You probably know that anyway, but it bears repeating. You are unique. The next thing to make clear is what a Call To Action is. It’s nothing more … READ MORE »

A Simple Brand Building Method

Using email marketing as a method of brand building is so effective that many companies refrain from investing in other methods. This could well be a mistake. Missing out on simple and cheap ways of presenting your company to a much wider catchment is a fundamental error. I edited a magazine. You are not interested … READ MORE »

Deliverability: The One Essential

You have checked through the free email marketing templates, picked the one that will appeal to specific split lists, taking great care with heading, subheadings, images and copy, and, after a great deal of thought and possibly discussion, have created the perfect Subject Line. So why have so many emails bounced? There are many possible … READ MORE »

Cross-Selling To Increase Sales

  I am not a massive supporter of jargon terms, especially in email marketing where there are all sorts of methods one can use to increase sale volume and/or value. Anyone new to our craft should not have to refer to a business dictionary in anyhow-to article. Keep it simple. Most revolutionary techniques can be … READ MORE »

What To Say About The Mini Budget

I’ve had an email from my accountant. Not the concerning moment you might think as I subscribe to their newsletter and ‘incident related’ emails. They obviously know about my job in email marketing and mostly keep the information they send relevant to my needs. That’s something we should all learn from. The personalisation means I … READ MORE »


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