Email Design

How To Cheaply Change Email Design

It is a truism that most people do not like change. But don’t let that fool you: it is true. Yet customers expect change. If you stick with the same old, you will appear to these change-haters as someone who doesn’t care. You need to ensure you do not upset the subscribers to email marketing … READ MORE »

Mobile Images; The Great Untapped Resource

Whether or not the near future will be one of watching where every penny, let alone pound, is spent on email marketing, the one thing we should be searching for is a cheaper source of images. Stock images are generally of a high quality. If you’ve been searching for a specific kind of picture for … READ MORE »

Direct Subscribers To Your CTA

Let’s make one thing clear: nothing in email marketing is definitive and the best you can hope for in the way of guidance are ideas to test. You probably know that anyway, but it bears repeating. You are unique. The next thing to make clear is what a Call To Action is. It’s nothing more … READ MORE »

The Subtleties Of Image Choice

Beyond the obvious requirements for an image you select for an email marketing campaign, there are certain subtleties which, if you are not aware of them, can cost you subscribers and hence money. It might not be much, but given the number of images, a little will go a long way. As always, there are … READ MORE »

Is A Brand Refresh Better Than A rebrand

We’ve recently covered a rebrand for your company, although my concern that it is not always optimum for anyone who depends on email marketing probably came through. I hope it did. Our data is what makes us competitive, and a rebrand can cost us the dependability of our testing data. Also, nothing is more likely … READ MORE »

More Rules And When To Ignore Them

We’ve recently covered the unbreakable rules in graphic design you should follow when modifying your free email marketing templates and also mentioned those times when these inviolable rules can be broken with impunity. Here are some more of them, together with some instances when it can be useful to ignore them. With modern software, the … READ MORE »

There Are Rules In Graphic Design

One of the great advantages with an email marketing provider is the range of free email marketing templates, all of them designed and researched by professionals. When starting out, their use will cut design time to the minimum. Later on, once you’ve got your feet under the table, you will almost certainly wish to modify … READ MORE »

An Introduction To Split Testing

In these blogs, the importance of repeated testing is often reinforced. Split-testing, also known as A/B testing, is the way of perfecting all forms of email communication, but particularly those used in email marketing. It can, should actually, be used for landing pages as well. It’s the most effective way of increasing ROI. Intuition can … READ MORE »

Crafting Landing Pages Is A Critical Skill

We all concentrate on the design of the marketing email as the prime requirement of our campaigns. There are spam filters to negotiate, exciting subject lines to capture the imagination, headlines to entrance and images and copy to keep people reading, all the time focusing on the click-through button. It doesn’t sound easy, because it’s … READ MORE »

Helping Those struggling With Accessibility

There was an interesting online article entitled ‘Essential services websites in UK should be accessible to all’. It’s not aimed specifically at email marketing but the problems identified, which include the fact that many people have problems accessing the internet and emails, give some useful information for us when targeting our emails. The article concentrates … READ MORE »


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