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How To Cheaply Change Email Design

It is a truism that most people do not like change. But don’t let that fool you: it is true. Yet customers expect change. If you stick with the same old, you will appear to these change-haters as someone who doesn’t care. You need to ensure you do not upset the subscribers to email marketing … READ MORE »

Mobile Images; The Great Untapped Resource

Whether or not the near future will be one of watching where every penny, let alone pound, is spent on email marketing, the one thing we should be searching for is a cheaper source of images. Stock images are generally of a high quality. If you’ve been searching for a specific kind of picture for … READ MORE »

What Use Are KPIs In Email Marketing?

When KPIs were introduced to a company I worked for, it was a requirement to support them enthusiastically and, having a certain ambition to go further at that time, I supported them enthusiastically. I’ve seen the flip charts. I’ve seen the PowerPoint presentations. I’ve seen successes. I’ve seen failures. One thing that I have seen … READ MORE »

What To Say About The Mini Budget

I’ve had an email from my accountant. Not the concerning moment you might think as I subscribe to their newsletter and ‘incident related’ emails. They obviously know about my job in email marketing and mostly keep the information they send relevant to my needs. That’s something we should all learn from. The personalisation means I … READ MORE »

The Subtleties Of Image Choice

Beyond the obvious requirements for an image you select for an email marketing campaign, there are certain subtleties which, if you are not aware of them, can cost you subscribers and hence money. It might not be much, but given the number of images, a little will go a long way. As always, there are … READ MORE »

Balance Loyalty Generated Against ROI

The heading on a just published magazine, ‘How to Save Money Now!’ was identical to the Subject Line of a newsletter that dropped into my inbox. It’s as if they are trying to tell me something. There’s been little in the way of a counter-argument to the accepted premise that we are dropping into a … READ MORE »

Competing With Companies With Big Data

Four or five years ago, before Covid, I read a book called Man v Big Data. It wasn’t clear who won. The thought that went through my mind was ‘If only I had their problems’. SMEs depending on email marketing, and having to compete with big data held by big companies, would appear to be … READ MORE »

Statistics From Research Are A Useful Guide

The wonderful thing about email marketing is that a number of establishments and marketing companies fund and work on research which they are only too pleased to share with others. All we have to do is look for it. I’ve been not only reading specific results, but checking the conclusions with other research. While some … READ MORE »

What’s Wrong With Your Email Design

Here’s a little experiment you can try. I first saw it used by a content manager, whom I was assisting, against the owner of a website, but it works just as effectively for email marketing. She asked the chap, “What’s your favourite bit of your website?” He mentioned a feature that I had already identified … READ MORE »

How To Target A Multi-Channel Campaign

You have free email marketing templates on tap; a selection of designs you can, and indeed should, modify to ensure your campaign is targeted as precisely as possible. With our data, that’s very targeted.  These templates look so good, and are so easy to perfect, there is the temptation to use them for other channels: … READ MORE »


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