Email Campaign Management

Helping Those struggling With Accessibility

There was an interesting online article entitled ‘Essential services websites in UK should be accessible to all’. It’s not aimed specifically at email marketing but the problems identified, which include the fact that many people have problems accessing the internet and emails, give some useful information for us when targeting our emails.

The article concentrates on people who either have limited access to the internet, such as the reported 40% of over-75s who do not use it, and those who, perhaps, use libraries or only access their emails and the internet via their mobile phones. It is suggested that lockdowns were the reason for many companies moving most of their contact methods online. One difficulty they particularly identify is parking apps. You do not have to be over 75 to experience problems accessing them.

Helping Those Struggling With AccessibilityThe message for email marketing is nicely encapsulated in the report, which says those struggling are favouring food, accommodation, and heating before domestic internet access. They are using mobile phones instead.

They will be fully aware that this is an expensive option and will also be limiting their time online. We need to ensure when sending marketing emails to this group the information is concise, easy to read, and a completion is as easy as we can make it. 

Using a landing page for additional adverts that have to be paged through is not the best option. We’ve mentioned before that landing pages should be targeted with every bit as much concentration and enthusiasm as we use for the marketing email itself. It might cost us completions if a reassuringly simple email click-through brings up the same landing page, with all its complexities, we had designed for everyone. It’s not all about subject lines and headings.

Making our email marketing campaigns simple in order to ensure those with limited time are able to complete is as much about ROI as it is accessibility for those who struggle. There are people who limit their data access against the clock. They still need our services. If anything, they might need access to what we sell more than those more comfortably off.



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