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A Simple Brand Building Method

Using email marketing as a method of brand building is so effective that many companies refrain from investing in other methods. This could well be a mistake. Missing out on simple and cheap ways of presenting your company to a much wider catchment is a fundamental error. I edited a magazine. You are not interested … READ MORE »

Personalisation For Email Marketing Success

There’s a persistent rumour that price is the most important factor in email marketing. Make your product cheaper and the customers will flood to your door. Don’t believe it. It’s nothing more than a comforter for those who don’t really understand what email marketing is all about. It’s not that easy. You don’t pick a … READ MORE »

How Can You Show Your Reviews Are Genuine?

We’ve recently carried a blog on fake reviews, https://wizemail.co.uk/how-to-use-fake-reviews-to-your-benefit, with advice on how to use them to your benefit. That was then. ‘Things’ have, it seems, escalated and perhaps a more aggressive approach is required.   A recent Which? report entitled, Undercover with the review fakers, with the subheading of Hannah Walsh finds out how … READ MORE »


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