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The spirit of the Olympics

Those looking for an opportunity to run with the public interest in the Olympics would have been disappointed when they studied the limitations placed on the use of anything remotely resembling a sport. Email marketing is used to restrictions but you might think that the International Olympic Committee has gone too far. However, it is not the only game in town during 2012. In fact there is a national event.

In a move that the IOC might well regard as reckless, those controlling the branding of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, the Lord Chamberlain’s Office (LCO), have actually relaxed some of the limitations, specifically those on souvenirs. The rules with regards these will be covered in a subsequent blog.

For the moment let us look at the restrictions that can apply in email marketing.

Do not claim, even by implication, that your product or service is endorsed by the Royal Family, or any other royal source, unless it is. To do so you must obtain written permission from the relevant royal personage(s). (CAP Code 6.1)

  • Members of the Royal Family must not be shown without their prior written permission. (CAP Code 6.2)
  • Avoid Royal Arms or Emblems in email marketing unless you already have written permission from the LCO. Souvenir regulations differ and will be covered in another blog.
  • If you want to mention a Royal Warrant then check with the Royal Warrant Holder’s Association. (CAP Code 3.52)
  • Not much has changed for the Queen’s Jubilee with regards the four points above. However, on a more positive note, incidental references to the Royal Family unconnected to the advertised product, or references to material such as a book, article or film about the Royal Family, might well be acceptable.

Whilst this might seem all a bit depressing given the proposed jubilant celebrations, the Queen’s Jubilee provides lots of opportunities for email marketing. If your product range includes objects that might be desired by those partying then you might well regret failing to have a go.



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