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A lesson for email marketing

Email marketing thrives on imagination and inventiveness and the executives who supported the Tesco ‘Pricecheck’ will need such skills when coming up for excuses for the fiasco. Whilst anyone can make a mistake, those that are very obvious should, very obviously, be avoided. So what went wrong? That is not easy to answer. The inherent … READ MORE »

Points To Consider About Coronavirus

I read more marketing emails than most people. Research can be fascinating, fun and revealing although every now and again it becomes wearing, irritating and frustrating. I’ve learned that there are a number of lazy norms that many marketing emails conform to. And it is hurting sales. Here are my observations from the last three … READ MORE »

Email marketing FAQs – Part 2

What are the best ways to get people to sign up to your email newsletter?  Work out who your target group is and then concentrate on them. You will then know what copy they would want as well as whether to opt for designer graphics or if content is king.  When the product is just … READ MORE »

Email Marketing checklist

Check-lists can be extremely useful in suggesting that you are actually getting somewhere without having to put too much effort into it. For instance, if you were running a campaign to obtain email addresses for an email marketing campaign then you could tick the box against Aims just by deciding that you want email addresses. … READ MORE »

Email Campaign planning

Collecting addresses for email marketing It can be frustrating staring at a blank sheet of paper or squinting from the glare of an empty Word document, whilst waiting for inspiration to help you plan your email campaign to obtain email lists for direct email marketing. Rather than continually visiting the coffee machine, a better option … READ MORE »


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