Email Campaign Management

Email marketing FAQs – Part 2

What are the best ways to get people to sign up to your email newsletter? 

Work out who your target group is and then concentrate on them. You will then know what copy they would want as well as whether to opt for designer graphics or if content is king. 

When the product is just right, let people know by every method you have available. An offer to those signing up can be useful. 

There is nothing more off-putting than a drop in quality after a couple of issues. 

How often should you send out your email newsletter? 

Newsletters can be costly and budgets need strict management. This needs to be balanced against how often subscribers would want it. Don’t just consider a calendar to regulate publication. If you produce clothing then the turning of the seasons might be a better trigger. 

What email address should you send your newsletter "From:"? 

It is accepted wisdom that a From address must be recognisable in order not to frighten people off. Further, make it short as readers scan. 

What are the most successful email newsletters you have seen and why were they so successful? 

Success depends on what the company wants in return, presumably subscribers to email lists. There are many pretty ones out there, with masses of fascinating content. These are often the first to go to the wall. 

Work out your limits. If your budget means it must be produced in-house then accept that you are not going to have class-leading graphics. 

What are the five most important factors in a successful email marketing campaign? 

Statistics do not lie. Believe them. 

Increase the size of your email lists. Go out and get people to sign up. 

Email marketing software allows you to know your customers. Use this information to guide your email campaigns: the more targeted they are, the more successful. 

Build trust between you and your subscribers and never try to trick them. 

Do not always follow established procedures, or lists come to that. Have a try at something off the wall. That way, not only might the returns be better, but you could steal a march on your competitors.



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