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Points To Consider About Coronavirus

I read more marketing emails than most people. Research can be fascinating, fun and revealing although every now and again it becomes wearing, irritating and frustrating. I’ve learned that there are a number of lazy norms that many marketing emails conform to. And it is hurting sales.

Here are my observations from the last three weeks:

1/ Don’t tell me there’s a pandemic

How do you think I feel to be told of the existence of the subject matter included in every news broadcast since the first death? I know about Coronavirus. I know about Covid-19. I also know that they are different but linked; there can be few who don’t, and I’m not one of them.

2/ If you know something, just tell me

Points To consider About Coronavirus Given that some of the email marketing lists I subscribe to are rather specialist, it is likely that the companies have information that is not covered in the mainstream media. If you know something, tell me of it clearly and briefly. I don’t want to wade through a whole paragraph of preparation for that little nugget of news.

3/ Don’t act like you know me personally

I know companies have detailed data on me. After all, I agreed to them collecting it. That doesn’t mean we’re engaged, or even that we are buddies in some strange way, so stop suggesting that you know how I feel and that you sympathise. I know you don’t and you know that as well. 

4/ Be positive

I’ve been told the times are troubling. I mean, I know. I, like you, have been balancing budgets, trying to cut unnecessary outlays, and ensuring funds go where they are needed, and only for as long as necessary. If I wasn’t doing such essential management, the times would not be troubling. How about being a bit upbeat? Like most things, this will end. I want to think positive and it doesn’t help being told that the world is in the ‘middle of a severe recession’ – that’s from this morning.

5/ Cut to the sale

A marketing email is there to sell me something. Don’t dress it up to be something it is not as that’s not what I subscribed for. I want offers. I want a bargain. What I really want is something that will, to an extent, limited or otherwise, limit the damage and get me into a good position for when this ends. 

6/ Do what you’ve always done

What has given every email marketing company the success it was enjoying before these troubling times is following the evidence in our returns. Now is not the time to wander off into intuitive changes. You might feel that drastic methods are required given the unique situation we’re all in, but that’s all it is; a feeling. If you are wondering whether a change might help, then try it on a split email marketing list. 

Remember that you are dealing with people who don’t really want to be bothered as there’s enough bothering them already. Be positive. Don’t mention Coronavirus.



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