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WizEmail Blog :: Segmentation = First Mover

First the good news; email marketing is in another state of change Change is happening in email marketing. I know it’s happening all through business but let’s be parochial. We have gone through Covid, with its increase in online sales giving us lots of opportunities almost for the taking. Change generally benefitted us. The political … READ MORE »

Generating metrics for segmentation

We all could do with more metrics for segmentation in email marketing campaigns. You might well feel frustrated at the rate at which the information comes to you. However, there are ways to encourage subscribers to give you more information. There are, I am informed, two types of people who buy software: those who consider what … READ MORE »

Segmentation of email marketing lists Part 2

We have recently covered simple segmentation of email marketing lists based on age, gender, location, etc. Although it is quite basic it gives excellent improvement in returns, especially when the limited investment is taken into consideration. We can do more with segmentation though. Your returns should show you what you are doing right and what … READ MORE »

Sophisticated Segmentation

Those of you dedicated to maximising your ROI will likely be enchanted by this unbelievable feature. It's a winner! With WizEmail, you can segment your data into super-targeted, responsive groups using our simple drag and drop method. Which means you can hit the recipients in each segment with highly personalised, conversion-boosting messages. You'll be able to … READ MORE »

Data & Segmentation

…Because we’re going to give you infinite storage space within our system and let you split your contacts into an infinite amount of segmented groups. Then send out an infinite amount of emails with infinitely targeted super-campaigns. That’s right, we’re feeling generous over here at WizTowers. And how’s this going to help you maximize your conversions and … READ MORE »

10 Suggestions For Email Marketing Copy

Keep the hook at the top of your screen on a Post-It, in big bold type and keep looking at it. Know what you, or your boss, wants from the copy. More importantly, know what the subscribers to your email marketing list want and target them. Try to locate yourself somewhere quiet where interruptions will … READ MORE »

Do-It-Yourself Copywriting

I have a close relative who runs a copy agency, employing a dozen or so creators, each concentrating on a particular subject. Others are called on as and when required. The latter includes me. If her dedicated creator struggles with high demand, I get a phone call.  She was worried that contracts might slow given … READ MORE »

How To Differentiate Between Subscribers

We must accept one point: everyone is an individual. It’s impossible to decant them into specific compartments. Segmenting your email marketing lists is not simple, but can be accurate and worthwhile. I’ve often referred to the old-time sales staff who would be in face-to-face contact with the customer, and have used their techniques as an … READ MORE »

Profiling Subscribers Like The Detectives

Lockdown has meant I’m seeing more true-crime programmes on TV. I get excited when the detective gradually hones in on the offender by using all the tools of his trade, including, on occasion, a profiler. We do of the same in email marketing. Another description of profiling is building a persona. We tend to have … READ MORE »

An Exciting Image Can Enliven Your Campaign

  It’s easy enough to identify those marketing emails where time and trouble has been taken to pick what they feel will be an image that could assist with completions. There appears to be two main criteria for picking images: pretty and representative. Most email marketing companies seem to stick to one or the other, … READ MORE »


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