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Agile Email Marketing

We all know that bulk email marketing is full of various business models and so a new one normally creates little fuss. So it is all the more remarkable that agile email marketing, emanating from computer programming, has had so much publicity. Here is some more.

The basis of the agile model is that response to changes should be made as soon as possible and that small risks can be taken as long as they are monitored correctly. There can be few who will argue with that.

If you are investing in a new email marketing campaign, the planning can take considerable time. The whole team will work towards a goal that might be weeks or, in some cases, months away. Whilst the end product will have everything spot on, by the time it goes live the campaign will be based on historical data.

With email marketing software, we are receiving information daily. A trend can be picked up all but immediately. You can use the data to give specific pointers, such as which product is receiving the most hits. With agile marketing, you respond to these triggers immediately.

If you dedicate a small team to reviewing one aspect of a campaign, such as which product is beginning to increase in sales, and then change a current campaign to react to this. The response is as immediate as you can make it.

There is a slight risk with such changes to a campaign. For instance the sudden peak in sales might have been caused by something of which you have no knowledge. So it is essential that the returns are also monitored on a continuous basis and that when a misjudgement is discovered, it is remedied immediately.

Once the team has completed that particular task they can move onto another.

The model does not have applications to all businesses. If you are small with not enough staff to set up even the smallest team, then you will have to pass this one. Or you might have no fat so the same will apply.

For the rest of us, speedy response to information has got to be good.



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