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Email Marketing Headlines

Creating the email is the one power trip in email marketing. The wizard is on your screen and it is left to you to decide what to put in and where. The last thing you want to hear are limitations.

An email consists of a banner, a title, a few pictures and some headings followed by text. Each tries to do the same thing: encourage click-throughs.

The banner has little effect. Its prime function is to reassure the reader. Therefore, keep it small and discrete regardless of how much you had to pay the graphic artist for you new logo.

The title will put the offer: 30% off, three for two, last chance. The email has been opened so the recipient is interested, but a little bit of repetition can do no harm.

Pictures are a craft of their own and deserve a dedicated article or two. Which leaves us with the headings.

Forget your English lessons at school. Headings in email marketing have a precise and limited function. They are not there to encourage recipients to read the following text. They must direct readers to click through to the offer.

The big limitation in email marketing is that readers scan so the headline needs to be brief. For instance:

£18,000 worth of prizes. Enter now

15% off compatible inkjets & toners today

All of me, Jeremy’s first single. Watch preview now

The message is clear in all three.

Something for nothing is always a good one. £18,000 refers to the total value of the prizes, but that does not fall foul of the legislation. All this in six words. You would have to scan pretty quickly to miss that.

In essence the second heading is also six words, the use of the ampersand sees to that. The information the headline carries is precise: 15% reduction, for compatible (i.e. already cheap), cartridges and the offer time is restricted.

The third one suggests Jeremy Williams is your friend and you can share his excitement by a click of the mouse. The pre-order suggestion is saved for later.

These are great headlines. Follow their example.



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