Email Data

Finding out what you want to know

There you are, wondering if you should increase your range of products. There’s a certain investment in money, time and credibility in your favoured option and you will want to know whether you will end up with egg on your face.

WizEmail's Data Bot will be your guide through the email marketing campaign reports that make your head spinNothing can take the risk out of email marketing but the software available to us can reduce it significantly. One way of reducing the risk is to discover if there is any interest in the line from your regular customers. 

If you have an eNewsletter (from now on newsletter) then you can use it to provide a pointer as to whether anyone will be interested in a particular product, perhaps a new location for holidays. The method is straightforward and easy to put into practice.

You are wondering if Bali would be a destination those on your email marketing list will appreciate. You produce a short article on, perhaps, your visit to Bali the previous year, and publish it in your newsletter. You will mention the various hotels, touristy places and the recent bombings. 

You want to know which particular style of holiday would be the one to concentrate on. One way of testing this on your subscribers is to have brief articles on each of the towns with a click through to a landing page for a more in-depth review. You will have images of various places of interest with the caption: ‘Click on the picture to be shown more examples of this beautiful location’.

In a short time you will have data showing how many clicked and on what. Certain demographics will show you how to split your email marketing lists. I say short time but you should remember that many people keep newsletters for a comfortable read at a later date so give it a little time before starting to take conclusions from the information.

It can be comparative as well. You can have articles and images on two hotels in different parts of the island. If subscribers concentrate of the terror problems and ignore the beauty, then you might have your answer.

Do not short change your readers. It is important that the newsletter’s main purpose is maintained. 




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