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Frustrations of email marketing click throughs

It is a peculiar, not to mention frustrating, fact of email marketing that some subscribers will click through to the landing page and then abandon the transaction. The question that comes to mind is: Why? The correct answer will show the way to increase completions. 

It is not as if the shopper is feeling the material. They have already read all about your product and compared prices; they even might have clicked through to the ‘more details’ page, so there must be something on the landing page to put them off. 

WizEmail's Bots are the Einstein's of email marketingThe most common reason is that the price at the checkout is not what was promised on the email. This is a way to lose subscribers to your email marketing list as well. If you do this then you deserve all you get.

What we want the customer to have is a hazard free buying experience. Anything that checks this process should be eradicated. Most commentators suggest that any change, even a subtle one such as a different font, can interrupt their concentration. This brings up a difficult choice.

It is generally accepted that the landing page should be as similar to the page the person clicked through from as possible. The most common advice is to limit all distractions such as images or explanatory text. Good advice maybe but possibly mutually exclusive.

Your marketing email will have images, perhaps even be peppered with them. The customer clicks through to be confronted by a white screen with a box to complete. So which to go for: the same or different?

It is a balance. There is an expectation on behalf of the potential buyer that there will be something to complete, so the box is expected. Perhaps, though, the spartan design conflicts with the tone of the email.

The only way to find out of course is to test with segmented email marketing lists. Also check differences between the returns. For instance, is there a section which responds better to acres of white space, whereas an older group prefers a photograph of a staff member, headset on, smiling over the caption of: ‘We’re here to help. Call me.’ Always test.




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