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Getting testimonials noticed

Email marketing is all about efficient use of resources. You cut copy and then cut it again. Every little fact garnered from your email marketing software is used for targeting. So why do so many companies leave testimonials, surely the most effective form of self-promotion, on an obscure page on their websites? Do you check to see how many click through to it?

WizEmail's Bots are always here to help youBe aggressive with their use. Would a selection be better on a Home Page, perhaps a slider? If a customer clicks through to a particular product then display it on that page. If one congratulates you for a range of products, ensure that it is shown if a customer uses the range in the search engine. 

If you want customers to contact you via email rather than phone, then a testimonial on the Contacts page which highlights a prompt and comprehensive reply is the right copy in the right place.

Convince browsers that your company is dependable. They might have come across your website by way of Google and will need reassuring. 

Most of all, use them in email marketing.

In the same way as you target your emails, use a testimonial that reflects what the subscriber is looking for although remember that a subscriber to your email marketing lists will already trust you to an extent. If the email features the latest upgrade to your best-selling item, then someone unconnected with you telling them how remarkable and useful the new development is might be what will convince someone looking for that particular feature.

Imagine you have added a boutique hotel to your holidays in Eastern Europe. It’s not something that would interest me so a testimonial praising the ambiance would be wasted. However, someone maybe a little younger, and more easily pleased perhaps, would be entranced by one of their peers praising the hotel for the inspired decoration.

Dumping testimonials onto a page of their own, no matter how easily accessed, is a waste of a valuable resource. If there are a lot, then individual ones are lost in the crowd. If there are just a few, then what is this saying about your company? 




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