Email Analysis

Getting the best from free email templates

It is a phrase that must bring joy to those engaged in bulk email marketing: free email templates. For a specialty where costs are low anything that takes time or money is to be abhorred. And free is such a lovely word.

There is one thing to beware of however. It does not mean that you can clear off to the golf course. There is still work to be done. If you use the free email templates with thought and a little planning you can be a step ahead of your rivals.

It is a truism that to realise the full potential of your email marketing lists everything you do should be aimed at exploiting them. All you have to do is work out how.

One method is to see how different designs of email are received by those on your email lists. Whilst you might be able to precisely define your subscribers’ age, location, etc., taste is much more difficult to quantify. It can vary depending on upbringing, experience and education. Do not despair though. It is not that difficult to discover, or perhaps limit the range.

Firstly design a few different designs. They should not be radically different, but enough so that some will like them a lot, others less so. With free email templates the only cost is the time to create them.

Now take a small percentage of those on your email lists. Not too many but enough for the number to be significant. If you have six different designs then you will divide this new email list into six. One essential is to be random in the selection for each list. It is no good breaking them up by age or any other reason.

You will have already worked out the next step. Just send each group one of the six designs.

The results, which will be returned in short time, will show which gives the best return. You can immediately send the remaining ones on your email lists the preferred design.

The differences might be small but one percent is good. Bulk email ensures that it will make a noticeable difference in profit.



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