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Keywords in email marketing copy

All writers are hurt when they realise that their carefully crafted copy in a marketing email is only scanned. That doesn’t mean that all the effort they put into the text is wasted. However, it makes writing and editing it that much more difficult. 

WizEmail's Bots are like Santa's little helpers when it comes to creating a stunning email marketing campaignYou understand how Google uses keywords, at least as far as they allow us to. The same thing happens when a subscriber sees your email. They will glance at the copy, looking for a word or phrase to catch their attention. All you have to do is pick the right words.

It is not that difficult to work out what is likely to attract them. They have already read your Subject Line and it has got them interested. They will have checked the banner first and then the heading. They might glance at the image. If they read on, they are interested.

Further, you know who they are. You will have segmented your email marketing list, so each email will be targeted towards a specific demographic. You should be able to pick the words with precision.

Ask yourself not where your product beats the opposition, that’s for a sub-heading at least, but what your subscribers want. Figure out what they are searching for.

The reader might want to gain a credit for a qualification and although you know from your data they are high achievers but the specific level they want is obscure. PhD/MA stands out in a sentence as capitals draw attention. Half close your eyes and you will see its prominence. 

If the word is not a proper noun and capitalising its initial in the middle of a sentence would look odd, then use it at the start; Degree looks so much more enticing than degree. Don’t abandon your keywords in the middle of a paragraph. They need to be at the start of it, with white space above as a bonus.

As always, honesty is an essential. If you bait your hook with a promise then it is essential to deliver. If you mention Free, then there must be something a reader can get for free. Being different to many other companies will bring a bonus.




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