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Nurturing your leads

You’ve got your lead. Someone has, for instance, logged onto your gated section where you keep articles that will be of interest to those you are targeting. Whilst this is good news, there’s some distance to go to get them to subscribe to your email marketing list. That’s where lead nurturing comes in.

There are a number of ways that you might have gained that lead. A webinar, a giveaway ebook, a contact in a trade fair or any number of other routes, each of which require different methods of nurture. The good news is that in essence there are some basics that are common to all.

1/ Personalise all contact

WizEmail's Bots know everything there is to know about successful email marketingYou have had limited contact with the lead so you might think personalisation is all but impossible. However, you already know certain details. If they downloaded an ebook on tropical fish husbandry you have more than a clue as to their interests. You will have ensured that your staff at the trade fair have included some details of what they discussed or what the person was interested in. 

On top of that, it is likely that your lead has a lot in common with those who came via the same route. The metrics specific to that group will probably be the same for this lead. 

When you send a follow up email you have some idea of how to direct it and the type of language they prefer. You can’t directly sell at this time, so a marketing email is out of the question, but you can start a discussion. If, at the trade fair, your contact was concerned about security of personal details, then emphasise your up to date, class of the field, security systems. 

2/ Extend your offers

Don’t give anything away for no reason. If they downloaded an ebook, or opted for some other gift, encourage them to sign up for your enewsletter where they will be offered other benefits and kept up to date with the latest developments. 

If a member of staff was in conversation with them, perhaps on the phone or during a servicing visit, then find out what they discussed and whether they raised any particular aspect of your company or products.

3/ Don’t rush

The last thing a lead wants to be confronted with is a pushy email, running the line between a legal and illegal sales pitch. Nurturing was used in the headline to show that work is required to get them where you want. Keep the email tight and simple. Just the one subject is a good starter.

4/ Build a relationship

Ask them to connect with you on social media. You will know whether to suggest LinkedIn, Twitter or other location where you have a presence. Be friendly. Include a link to your blog or other resources you have on your website.

5/ Calls to action

You will want them to subscribe to your email marketing lists so ensure there are CtAs. Don’t overwhelm them, but just enough is probably just a little too little.

6/ Act now

The traditional exhortation on CtAs is true. As soon as you have a lead, do something to connects with them. 





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