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How did you first find this site? Perhaps you entered something like ‘free email marketing templates’ into a Google search and then, going by the meta description, thought you’d give us a try. It’s the way of the internet world. 

You will be wondering how you can work your way up the rankings to get to page one. After all, it must require a lot of tweaking of your site and that costs. However, there is a simple and straightforward way to ensure you become a Google favourite. First let’s look at the problems.WizEmail's Bots will ensure you have the best in the email marketing world

There are always changes to Google algorithms and changes are not good for email marketing. We invest in systems which may no longer be effective with subtle alterations. Old truths become established and despite Google saying, at least broadly, what effect the changes have, it is difficult to know which way to jump. Take links.

Some time ago there were suggestions from Google that they would punish paid-for links by dropping websites which use them. Now most commentators suggest that quality links are everything. So should you blow your IT budget on gaining links?

Links take a long time to build and it is difficult to judge whether they are of sufficient quality or, dread the thought, might incur the wrath of Google. It is a natural response to go for what is easily measured.

You will probably have received an email or two from whoever manages your site giving information on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). You might have been told that unless your website is entirely SSL-enabled your ranking will suffer. It would appear that any direct gains are slight so you might feel tempted to let that cost pass. However a significant number of browsers – the percentage varies but stays above 50% – are put off by non-SSL-enabled sites and are reluctant to venture on them. Given how many subscribers to email marketing lists come via a website it would seem, therefore, that there’s a clear benefit to us.

What influence do alt tags have on rankings? They provide text for those who are visually impaired. Regardless of it being a responsible action, it also encourages them to stay on site. Alt tags are a big subject and deserve a few hundred words on their own but they add to the user experience.

Are meta descriptions any use in Google rankings? Given that the one for this site probably had an influence on you clicking through that’s got to be a positive. 

Keywords are essential to getting potential email marketing list subscribers to your site. But they need help.

The way to decide on all these questions is to ask what Google wants. It wants a result that searchers find useful so will ask: How many click through? How long do they stay? Do they visit many pages? 

These are the returns that Google use. So keywords are still effective as long as they are honest. Inappropriate links are a negative. If browsers don’t like non SSL sites then nor does Google. Quality content encourages people to stay on site. 

You’ve proved that meta descriptions work.




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