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What use are social media shares?

Whilst, as Google tells us, shares on social media do not directly affect SEO ranking, they do have positive effects. Not only that, they can increase your email marketing lists

What use are social media shares for email marketing? |  Wizemail - th best email marketing softwareYou will see that most blogs and articles on websites have share buttons for social media. You might be wondering what could the benefits possibly be when Google has turned its back on them. In email marketing, if it’s of no use, it goes.

Whilst it is clear that shares have no direct impact on SEO rankings, the secondary effects are what we need to encourage. For instance, sharing ensures that your copy, or message, is seen by a considerably greater number of people than those who visit your website. It is free advertising, although it comes about only through effort on your behalf.

These others, who do not frequent your site, will probably be in the same demographic as the person who shared it, who might be on your email marketing list. So it is, in effect, targeted. The hope is that they will click on the source link and become another visitor/customer/subscriber. Even if they do not buy anything on that visit, the increase in numbers will make Google take notice.

All you need is good copy. It should be relevant to your products or, better still, a particular product. If you are selling silk scarves then an article on how to care for them, or how they are created, will be of interest to those you directed the marketing email at. Shared on social media, those who are interested will click on the ‘further information’ link and come to your landing page. 

They will be given information and a sales pitch. If they have shown interest in a silk scarf, then show them the other designs, or accessories to complement them.

Depending on your clientele, they might even create a link to the page on their website. And so it goes on. Whilst Google are not confusing us with spin, and shares on social media have no direct effect on SEO, they do help with ranking, not to mention sales.  





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