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What’s stopping you using video promotion?

We recently provided an introduction to using video in email marketing. However, such basics were probably not enough to convince you to spend all that money on what for you is an untried process.

You will have been put off by the costly kit, new skills required, all the technical knowledge, the expense, a lot more time consuming work and days of filming. Then there’s the problem of content. What are the chances of a video going viral and in any case, if the ROI is so good, why isn’t everyone doing it? 

WizEmail's Bots are the 'know-it-all' helpers in email marketingFirstly, there is little in the way of equipments costs. You might well have a decent enough video camera on your smartphone although it is better to go for a dedicated one, so perhaps £200. A serviceable tripod comes in at around £60 and about half that for a memory card. You are now set up.

Such technical skills as are required are covered in YouTube instructional videos. Your email marketing skills will make you one of the gifted ones with regards targeting. Half and hour’s viewing of others’ efforts will make you cringe and give a boost to your confidence.

Generally, videos are not targeted; they are full of waffle and take ages to get to the point. A ‘hit them hard initially’ and ‘if a word can be taken out, remove it’ mantra is precisely what YouTube videos should follow, but mostly don’t.

Production need not take a lot of time. The advice is that videos should be between two and four minutes in length. If you try four minutes and a significant number of viewers stop viewing at two minutes, then the obvious thing to do is keep them to 100 seconds or so. You must be audience led.

Video content need not be great views or exciting events. You want to interest those you are targeting. Give them something of value, something that will make them come back for more. You, or someone more photogenic, doing a bit to camera might be all that is needed although something to break it up is always useful. A basic story helps, but a denouement kept to the end gives a boost to rankings.

Free video editing software is more than adequate and easy to learn. If you are nervous, then there are lessons available.

Whilst lots and lots of views is helpful with regards the SEO on YouTube, a viral video that doesn’t reach those you are targeting is a waste. Set yourself a target of, say, 200 subscribers a month. Once there you will find that it will increase exponentially, everyone of whom will be a potential email marketing list subscriber.

The main reason video promotion fails is lack of consistency. Quality must remain high and uploads should be regular as it encourages subscribers. Be careful of things such as ‘bloopers’ at the end. Viewers will be upset the first time it doesn’t appear. 

Use your video on a vlog, embedded in your website, on social media and send it with your enewsletter. Encourage viewers to share it with like minded friends. 

What’s stopping you?





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