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10 Landing Page Design Pointers

The landing page, i.e. the page the email subscriber would click through to from a marketing email, is critical. You have the potential customer’s attention and all you've got to do is to close the deal.

The design of the landing page should reflect this single purpose. Here is a literally top-to-bottom run down of a landing page.

1. Heading bar
Use one straight out of the marketing email they clicked through from. We need to reassure the customer that everything is as he or she expected so we want no surprises. It will also reassure the readers that it is a company they trust.

2. A clear and concise headline
Directly under the heading put the headline saying something similar to what was on the email. Keep it simple, such as The holiday of a lifetime, or The end of broken connections, so the message on the marketing email is re-emphasised.

3. Include an image
WizEmail Design WizBOT - Paint - create landing pagesPlace a picture directly under the headline, some suggest it should go on the left. Make it lead the eye right. We don't want the customer dwelling on it so don't make it too interesting. 😉

4. Sub heading
To the right of the image, place a sub heading. This should add something to the headline, perhaps a time restraint: Just four days to go, or Amalfi coast, something for everyone. Keep it to one line. 

5. Keep the copy brief
Include a couple of sentences of copy, nothing more than a paragraph, in which you emphasise the important selling points. Bullet lists can be useful. Put them near to the call to action as they attract the eye.

6. A bright, large call to action
Have the call to action to the right of the copy or directly underneath. We don't want the reader having to look for it. Ensure that it will be presented to them as they open the page on whatever device they use. If there is a lot of copy ensure there are calls to action on each 'page'.

7. Support 
Using your email marketing software you will be able to target your landing pages. If the customer is a regular then below the call to action, mention that as a regular they will know the high quality of products you sell. If they are new to you then add a few testimonials or similar. (Personalisation should be pulled through from the email database – call us to find out how)

8. Provide what you promised
If the click through from your email suggested more information on the product, then ensure there is further information on the landing page. If a customer feels cheated, they will not buy.

9. Do not confuse
If you are offering a stripped down free version for trial as well as the full fat one then make sure each offer is equally favoured and of the same size. There are more subtle ways of encouraging a person to go for the more expensive item.

10. Don’t make it impossible to leave
There are arguments as to whether to include site navigation. If a reader wants to leave the page, perhaps it is better if they click through rather than go to another site.

11. Eliminate waste
If it is not essential, get rid of it. (10 Landing Page Design Pointers <= see what we did there?)

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