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Brexit – Government help and advice

At the time of writing, there was no clear cut decision as to the nature of Brexit, whether it would go ahead on 31 October, or at all. Whatever your thoughts on the matter, and how it will affect email marketing, now is not the time to wait for clarification. The Government has, on, listed all you need to, as it says, ‘Get ready for Brexit’.

It’s exhaustive, although there’s always the chance that something has been missed. In other words, as the move towards Brexit progresses, other circumstance might be revealed that will require some inspired action on your behalf. 

The campaign has two main thrusts: what the individual should consider and, which will be dealt with here, how to ensure your business, be it email marketing or something else, is ready for Brexit. For Brexit Government Help And Advicebusinesses and organisation, there is a list of further click throughs for those who:

Export goods to the EU
Import goods from the EU
Transport goods by road
Export animals or animal products

Click on export and you will get a six stage list of what you should do.

Stage 1 is all about Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) numbers. There’s a further click through on how to obtain an EORI number. A sub-heading in Stage 1 is on checking if your importer has a EORI number.

Stage 2 is the process of export declarations, with click throughs to an explanation of how to hire someone to do it for you, or the DIY option. The Common Transit Convention is explained and whether you will be able to use it. 

Stage 3 is refreshingly brief, and is about tax and duty for exported goods.

Stage 4 explains further obligations placed on you depending on what type of goods you are exporting, and whether you need to apply for an export licence. There is a click through for alcohol, tobacco and certain oils, and another for controlled goods like firearms. 

Stage 5 is on VAT changes.

Stage 6 is regarding transporting goods outside the EU. Again, the options as to hiring someone to do it for you or doing it yourself are explained. 

It might seem daunting to anyone who has not considered post Brexit changes before, but the Government advice is, if anything, reassuring. For instance, you might not have heard of an EORI number, nor the requirement for it, but the process is quite straightforward. 

 You can apply for a number on the EORI page. See It explains what you may need before you apply. You can get an EORI number right away in most cases or, if HMRC needs to make further checks, within five working days. 

The intent of the advice appears to be to simplify the processes of export and import and, to a greater extent than many might have anticipated, it does it well. From the point of view of those of us engaged in email marketing, especially, but not exclusively, to the EU, it provides an easily understood procedure for getting everything right and, hopefully, profitable.




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