Email Campaign Management

Checklist for email copywriting

It is essential in email marketing that you read your email time and again through the creative process. Whilst you might feel a little jaded after the tenth time, remember that for the recipient, yours might be the eleventh of their day. So go through it carefully just before you send it off using a checklist. Here’s one I prepared earlier.

1. Does your enthusiasm show through? If it does not excite you then it will not excite those on your email list. If they feel it is just one of many then why should the bother?

2. Can you believe the content? You will have built up your offer, highlighting the best bits, but if it stretches credulity then it is best to turn the hype level down a mark or two. You should aim to convince not overwhelm.

3. Does it flow? Check that it is chatty more than preachy. Ensure it does not appear to be written via a wizard.

4. Is it long/short enough? Brevity is an essential in email marketing. However it is a value judgement. Is there enough to get them to click through to the offer? If you think some might want more information then have you given them easy access to it?

5. Repetition. Do not say things twice, going over the same thing time and again, etc.

6. Do the right bits stand out? A change to or from capitals can emphasise or subdue a specific part. Remember that if you highlight all copy, none stands out.

7. Is the headline memorable? Readers often remember headlines above the rest of the email. Its function is to engage. If it is bland it is useless.

8. Will your readers do what you want them to do? The point of the email is to encourage and direct, not to entertain. The only value judgement is whether it is likely to convince the reader to click through to the offer.

9. Has something been added just to make up the numbers? If you include a bullet list make sure each is important and not there just to round the number up to ten.



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