Email Design

Design email marketing campaigns for mobile

I won’t insult your capabilities by quoting statistics for mobile verses laptop/desktop opening of emails. We all know the argument is over. You should now design initially for mobiles and then expand for other devices, the reverse of what used to be the norm. So how do you go about it?

The good news is that much of the work has already been done for you. Search through the free email marketing templates for one that looks good on your smartphone, and then improve on it. It doesn’t take much expertise.

Design BotThe From Address should be short but enough to identify source. Your subscribers will merely glance at it so ensure they can recognise it instantly. When checking those competitors you wish to displace, you may have noticed that many use just one or two short words. It’s an excellent example to follow. You will see that the Subject Line is again short, the wordage long enough to convey the message and short enough to fit on the preview of the email on your smartphone. This is essential mobile email marketing design.

Many advise the heading should be big and bold. Others suggest it should be clear and readable. You will know which suits which segmented email marketing list by testing, but you should remember it is not an either/or. Nor should one style be consistent for various campaigns. The heading style should respond to the product you wish to sell. The requirement is that the hook can be understood at a glance. 

Don’t reuse styles of images because they were successful when used for bigger screens. Whilst smartphone can replicate wonderful detail, the person looking at it will probably do so on a train, bus or in the presence of other distractions. 

The most important point is that your email has to be integrated. The landing page, the click-through to further information, and the completion page should be subject to the same overall design parameters. A smartphone is not the device on which to surprise customers.

Oh, and the one thing you already know; ensure any calls to action are big enough for the morbidly clumsy.



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