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Doing as you are told

Everyone in email marketing is told not to do as they are told: experiment. Whilst the logic of this is rather twisted it is an excellent exercise as logic is not high on the list of priorities of those on your email marketing lists. Your customers buy as much through emotion as for any other reason. If you do not believe this then you need to check the returns of your email marketing software more closely.

What this means in essence is that the price and whether an item is what they want are just two of the many parameters that guide purchasers. You should accept that as long as the price is in the same region as those of other retailers, if customers are reassured by previous good experience of your company that might be the clincher.

Cutting the price to the bone is not only bad for return on investment it also can send the wrong message to the purchaser. It depends a great deal on what you are selling of course, and those who depend on bulk sales to individuals should perhaps look away now, but many purchasers come in with an idea of what they will pay and look for the best they get for that price.

The ‘free’ gift – and gift should probably be in quotes too – can be a deal maker. The fact that they could get the item, less the wine storage rack with choice of floor standing or table top, for a little less will not sway them if you choose the gift in the knowledge of what those on your email lists prefer.

The feeling they will have is: I got it for free. It is an emotional response.

What way you choose to link to your customers will depend on your product, your email marketing returns and your willingness to experiment a little. Other companies have gone the route of donations to charities, access to online communities, special treatment at venues or just being treated as a rather special and very valued member of the ‘team’.

Do not depend solely on the cheapest price. Experiment and if it works, those on your email lists will let you know.



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