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Don’t cut and past email copy

When I first started writing, one of the techniques I found useful was to type – on a typewriter – the copy and then cut out each individual paragraph. I would then move them around, perhaps discard one or two, then retype the article again. You can see that if I warn against overuse of cut and paste in an email marketing campaign you should read on.

WizEmail's Bots are the 'know-it-all' Braniacs in email marketingThe process has a lot of useful aspects of course. Used correctly it will improve the flow of an article and make the reading more enjoyable, but as will any revolution, there are some downsides, the major one being the fruits of laziness.

If I log on to an item on a website where I subscribe to the email marketing list, I will expect an email within a few days. What I should not see is the wording being  identical to that on the website. The copy has different functions depending on its location.

In a marketing email we have to nail them within the first few seconds. Every word should be directed at getting the subscriber to click through to your landing page. Anything that isn’t dedicated to this function should be discarded.

Website copy has a number of different requirements. This results in conflict at times and the skill is in the balance.

In general, customers come on to your website to discover details about your products so obviously detail is essential. You still need them to click through to buy, but you can indulge in highlighting all the product’s positives over those of your rivals rather than just the main highlight.

SEO should also be considered. Without keywords in there somewhere you are wasting the time of the Google bots.

The same goes for the reinforcement copy on the landing page. If they have come this far then a little nudge over what was on the email might be all they need. 

In other words, don’t just cut copy from your website or landing page and paste it into your marketing email and expect it to do both jobs well. Some in email marketing do it, and they are wrong.



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