Email Campaign Management

Email marketing campaigns – lessons

I am a regular customer of an international software company. They have a reputation for value for money products, one which I find well deserved. I am a subscriber to their email marketing list and buy two or three items every year. Where they fail is in the execution of their email marketing campaigns.

A few weeks ago I bought an item of software at a, according to them, never to be repeated price. I was pleased with it, especially when considering this never to be repeated price. Last week they decided I was to be a recipient of their latest email marketing campaign. Imagine my irritation when I found that it was for the same item of software but at a reduced price.

Five pounds is not a massive sum although it is a 14.2% reduction. Given the fact that I was pleased with the item at its original price I should be a happy customer. But I am not. I feel I am not valued, probably the worst thing that can happen to a subscriber. 

The company made a number of mistakes, the first of which was to waste an email on someone whom they knew would not be interested in the offer. They can only send a certain number of emails before I will consider clicking the unsubscribe button. Once a week is their correct view. They must have another email marketing campaign I might have been interested in.

Secondly, they lied to me. The ‘never to be repeated price’ – whilst literally accurate – gives the impression of it never being cheaper; patently false. ‘Lowest price’ is subtly different and would not mislead.

Thirdly, I feel undervalued. It would appear that they cannot be bothered to check their email lists to see what items I have bought. I am just a number, or rather just an email address.

The most dangerous is the third one. The best thing to do in any email marketing campaign is make you subscribers believe that they have been picked specially for a specific offer.

I emailed the company with my irritation. They have awarded me a £10 credit voucher and an apology. So perhaps they have learnt their lesson.



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