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Email marketing for the mobile world

Everyone is different. They do things in odd ways, some which others will find weird. This diversity could make it difficult to sell but we, thankfully, have our email marketing lists

I use both hands for mobile phone use. A quick perusal of Neros shows that I’m in a minority, but only just. This gives us some problems. For instance, which thumb do the one-handers use to click on a call to action (CTA)? 

WizEmail's Doodles will help you design a stylish and responsive email marketing campaignYou should have lots of space around a CTA and any hotlink so that those of us with fat fingers can pick what we want. One-handers though use thumbs so consider a CTA that goes across the screen, or maybe one each side. 

Your emails will be reactive, in other words will change according to the device it is displayed on. The designer of your email marketing templates will ensure that the email is equally at home on mobiles and desktops, and everything in between. But you have decisions to make.

Images sell, there’s no doubt about that, but one that takes time to load will only frustrate. You need to decide whether to reduce the size of the image and sacrifice the quality or, perhaps, do away with them altogether? The answer specific to you will depend on your testing.

Another thing to consider when working out whether to eliminate linked images. A number of email service providers struggle with such things and leave just a blank. This means that Alt-images, a courtesy at the very least for the visually impaired, will not function.  

The variation in screen size and resolution makes things difficult. I have a phone that I take with me if I’m going to engage in physical activity. I don’t want to damage my expensive one. Very few marketing emails don’t display well. Some companies have opted for rich text entirely. There is only one way to know if this works for you: test. 

One last point, at least for now as we will return to this subject, is trusting native settings. Opting for large fonts can disrupt displays and render them unreadable.

Design for email marketing is in a state of flux. Keep up.



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