Email Campaign Management

Email Marketing Hurdles

The common phrase of ‘there’s nothing worse than’ is frequently used when there are things which are much, much worse. That said, few would disagree that in email marketing there is nothing worse than managing to run the gauntlet of spam filters only to have your marketing email vegetate unopened in the inbox.

There is no reason to be despondent. There are a few tricks that can be used which will increase the open rate. Once you get the hang of it you will think of some yourself.

The first thing that most recipients check are the ‘Subject’ heading and the ‘From’ heading, supposedly in that order. A decision as whether to open it is made in the second or two it takes to read them. So don’t try and be clever, subtle, alluring or anything other than worth a look. If the Subject interests them then they will check who the email is from and, as long as you can be recognised as the company they signed up with, they will in all probability take a look.

The only other requirement is getting the email to them at a time they find convenient. Time here is not solely to do with what it says on your watch although the actual hour is important. If it is delivered at 7pm and they come into work twelve hours later then your email might have to fight for attention. A good idea is to split your email lists into sections and send them at different times. Your email marketing software will soon tell you what is the optimum.

The day of the week and month can make a world of difference. If you are hoping for impulse buying then just around payday is probably a good idea.

Consider what is going on. If you sell hand painted crockery then the royal weddings should have spurred you into a flurry of marketing emails. If barbeques are filling up your warehouses then the recent excellent weather should have triggered the same response

A little thought can increase the likelihood of marketing emails being opened. Make sure the Subject is clear, as is who you are and they are timely. There is nothing better.



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