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Everyone loves the Olympics

It has been a difficult two weeks for those of us in email advertising. In any competition between a sport where we might gain a medal and calculating the data from campaign returns there is always going to be just the one winner. However if you looked more deeply into the Olympics there was much you could learn.

Everyone loves an also-ran who comes good on the day. So let us hear it for Kangaroo, an Australian equivalent to Durex, which placed a bucket load of its products into the Olympic village with a placard saying: "For the Gland Down Under." Clever, funny and quite a coup might not be a sufficient defence under the Advertising and Trading Regulations.

Everyone also loves a winner such as Mo Farah. His attempt to display a Union Flag embroidered with Fly Mo received considerable airtime despite the fact he was stopped from running with it. A lesson there for everyone involved in email advertising.

Everyone enjoys a good joke even if, or perhaps especially if, ambush marketing is involved. Oddbins decided on a classic by announcing that anyone wearing Nike trainers, in possession of Vauxhall car keys, using an RBS MasterCard, tapping an iPhone, and presenting a bill from British Gas whilst drinking from a can of Pepsi bought at a KFC would be entitled to a 30% discount.

Every woman's horror is coming face-to-face with someone at a wedding who is wearing an identical dress. Paddy Power came in with their billboard which stated that they were "the official sponsor of the largest athletics event in London this year." This turned out to be an egg and spoon race in the town of London in Burgundy. Nike spent a little more money in their campaign to "Find Your Greatness" campaign which included athletes from various towns called London around the world.

Everyone loves a chancer. After the opening ceremony debacle, Specsavers showed their Olympic potential by displaying North and South Korean flags side by side with the script, in Korean, suggesting "they should have gone to Specsavers." 

An excellent Olympics for everyone in email advertising seeking ideas for a clever campaign.



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