Email Data

Fun at last

You might think that email marketing is all about counting, statistics and return on investment. To a great extent you would be right. Every now and again though you get to do something creative. A few minutes playing with email marketing templates can be as refreshing as a drink of cold water on a hot day.

There is a serious side to all the fun. You will have split your email lists into a number of groups but to make effective use of them you will need to create specific emails for each one. Anything else is a waste of time. It is just as well that it is so easy.

Email marketing templates allow you to change pictures, copy, arrangement, the offer, in short everything with little more than a click of the mouse button. You can move blocks of copy around, enlarge pictures, swap their positions or import an entirely different one.

Your offer of £80 as opposed to the regular price of £120 can be described as a reduction of 33%, normal price twice as much, a reduction of £40 or, perhaps, the cheapest price on the internet. One group might prefer one thing, another, another.

Certain subscribers could be tempted by the specifications, so you might consider putting that at the top and using the price as the clincher. You will know what attracts those on a specific email list by the criteria you used to segregate them.

Whilst this seems like fun, and indeed is fun, email marketing templates have to be used with discretion. The first essential is a plan. It is no good pushing bits of the email around until it looks nice to you.

For instance, that case of wine can be presented as the latest thing to hit the scene for youngsters but you could insert a picture of a sunset over the vines for those who have endured a bit more of life. The basic email layout, and the main body of the copy will probably remain the same and all you have to do is pick the particular point to emphasise. Email marketing templates make this easy to do, as well as fun.



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